Wedding Cakes and Cake Toppers

Wedding Cakes and Cake Toppers

Many wedding couples choose alternative wedding cake toppings such as a monogram on top of the wedding cake. The cake topping would be done by using the initials of the bride and groom either sitting upright on top of the cake or engraved into a glass plate. Interlocking hearts, doves, leaves, or swans are also popular choices for unusual wedding cake toppings. Some wedding cakes are also decorated with flowers in addition to the wedding cake topping or sometimes instead of a wedding cake topper.

Cake stands come in all shapes and sizes and a range of materials too. The style of stand will depend on the design of your cake, the number of tiers and how you want to display it. Formal tiered cakes are often displayed on a large ornate stand with the tiers supported by pillars and boards. Modern stands come in chrome or Perspex and will consist of sections on which to place each tier of your cake. You can get stands which will display you cake tiers at right angles, in a stepped formation or a cascade style. If you are having cupcakes with a larger cake on top you will need to look for a special stand which will accommodate all of these.

When it comes to ideas in cake decorating, the combinations are limitless, which is why it is up to the baker to power up his imagination for better outcomes.

You may consider asking a family member to bake and decorate your wedding cake, but for the sake of your sanity -- and theirs -- it is highly recommended that you use a bakery. If you order your cake with enough notice, they may be able to recreate a favorite family recipe, or a traditional recipe that has been handed down from your grandparents. They'll also be able to tell you whether such a recipe can be successfully multiplied for large cakes such as wedding cakes.

For example, a wedding cake is a formal cake order. Purchasing cakes online for weddings is a growing trend. Small, local bakeries may not be able to fulfill the large-scale order from a wedding as well as an online cake company. Formal cakes include many ethnic and culinary variations including wheat-free and vegan creations. Bakeries that specialize in unique types of cakes create outstanding recipes and they bake them every week of the year. A wedding isn't the time for the local baker to try to put together either an Italian wedding cake for 200 people or a wheat-free cake order for a small party. If you order cakes online, you will often have access to specialty bakers. Unfortunately, local bakers will rarely turn down a large formal order even if they aren't experienced enough to fill it. In preparation for a formal occasion try a variety of small cakes before settling on a cake maker. Doing this several months ahead of time gives ample opportunity to choose the best tasting and the most aesthetically appealing creation.